About Barelier

The Brand

Sophisticated Jewellery devoted to Elegance, Excellence, and Enchantment.
With you at the most enchanting moments of your life.
Designed with great love.
That's All.

A modern jewellery firm devoted to an elegant, excellent and enchanting way of life.
Each piece is designed to serve as dearly and deeply treasured timepiece. Every piece is imbued with sophisticated cool glamour, inspired by great cities such as New York and London and their iconic architecture and the enchantment of a great love. Designed, developed and perfected over the course of one to two years per jewel - all Barelier pieces are only launched after meeting rigorous standards of excellent quality and are made only of state-of-the art materials. New collections, designs, and categories are therefore added only every six months - allowing the brand to unfold and bloom organically, akin to its signature flower - the ballet pink peony.

The Founder

The brand was founded by Bianca Lienau, in summer 2022. Each piece is designed, developed and perfected by her - usually over the course of one to two years per product -  between travels between her Notting Hill studio in London and her hometown Munich.
After spending a few years in the luxury real estate sector and prime automotive sector in London at Christie's International Real Estate and graduating with an MSc in Art, Law and Business from Christie's Fine Art Auction House and a B.A. Fashion Business Management, she grounded the brand firmly  in the standards of excellence, quality, gentle leadership, warm client care, and of course the immense, unforgettable memories and training enjoyed as a former Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch Brand Representative.